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The Economic Policy Institute is a non-governmental, politically independent and not-for-profit organization, founded by the late Dr. Ivanka Petkova on 12 May 1997.

The mission of EPI is to support the efficient participation of Bulgaria in the EU and global economy and to contribute to the overall transformation and development processes in South Eastern Europe.

EPI's primary tasks are:

• to conduct economic research and provide interdisciplinary analyses of key economic and socioeconomic trends;
• to elaborate on and advocate alternative approaches in the field of economic policy and specific economic sectors;
• to encourage independent expert opinions and introduce best practices;
• to bring experts together to explore issues and exchange views in order to generate innovative proposals for practical economic policy measures;
• to provoke public discussions on a wide range of economic and socioeconomic issues and thus inform and influence policy- and decision-makers and the society.

EPI's Board of Trustees:


Prof. Dr. Andras Inotai
Chairperson, Economic Policy Institute, Sofia


Lena Roussenova, PhD
Member of the Bulgarian National Bank Governing Council


Sergei Detchev, PhD
General Manager, Coats Bulgaria, EOOD

Andrei Evtimov
Executive Director, Doverie Capital AD, Sofia

Adelina Tomova
Chief Expert, Diplomatic Institute, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sofia

Plamena Nenkova
Head of Department, International Cooperation & Protocol, Bulgargaz EAD, Sofia


Galina Dimitrova
CFA, Head of Equity
United Bulgarian Bank

EPI’s International Advisory Board:

Andrei Evtimov
Executive Director, Doverie Capital AD, Sofia

Scientific Committee, Chairman:
Prof. Dr. Mileti Mladenov
University for National and World Economy, Sofia

Scientific Committee, Member:
Prof. Dr. Werner Weidenfeld
Director, Center for Applied Policy Research, Munich

Scientific Committee, Member:
Ilian Assenov, PhD
Faculty of Service Industries, Prince of Songkla University, Phuket, Thailand

Scientific Committee, Member:
Galina Dimitrova
Equity Financing Manager, United Bulgarian Bank AD

Economic Committee, Chairman:
Andrei Evtimov
Executive Director, Doverie Capital AD, Sofia

Economic Committee, Member:
Jean-Pierre Paelinck, Dr. Econ.
Secretary General, "EURISA"; Guest Professor H.E.C., Liege

Economic Committee, Member:
Angelos Plakopitas
Managing Director, Global Finance, Athens

South Eastern Europe Committee, Chairman:
Ex-Vice-Kanzler Dr. Erhard Busek
President, Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe (IDM), Vienna

South Eastern Europe Committee, Member:
John Dimitry Panitza († 2011)
President, Free and Democratic Bulgaria Foundation, Paris/Sofia

European Integration Committee, Chairman:
Glenda G. Rosenthal
Professor of International Public Affairs; Director, EU Program, Institute for the Study of Europe, Columbia University, New York

European Integration Committee, Member:
Kounsul Dr. Werner Waiser
President, EWI Europaisches Institut International e.V. ,Schaan

Education Committee, Chairperson:
Julia M. Watkins, PhD
Executive Director, Council on Social Work Education, Alexandria (VA)

Media Committee, Chairperson:
Carola Kaps
Free Lancer, Frakfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Munich